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Gudenkauf Systems designs and installs structured cabling for residential, commercial, and educational computer networks. Every computer connected to the internet is part of a network. At home you may use an internet service provider (ISP). At work, you may have a local area network (LAN) that uses an ISP. Structured cabling systems are needed for the transportation of data information in your home and across LANs in offices.

What is structured cabling?

The structured cabling in your home or office is tasked with transporting voice communication, video surveillance, security systems, HVAC, and energy management systems, among others, to connect to your network. Each structured cabling system is unique. If done properly, your computer network will perform well and remain flexible to accommodate changes and growth. One of the biggest benefits of having a structured cabling system is a reduced potential for downtime.

Reduce the chance of network downtime with structured cabling

Downtime is your business’s worst nightmare because every organization knows that downtime costs money. During downtime, you may lose sales, productivity, customers, or all three. Not to mention the cost of getting back up and running. Even though no one is immune, you can help protect yourself from downtime by making sure your network is setup correctly.

The systems in your home and business rely on network connectivity

Wired internet connects people to the internet with physical cable lines or fiber optic lines. Benefits include a faster connection that is also affordable. If done wrong, network problems may occur such as slow data transmission, errors, or lost files. That’s why it’s important to not only choose the right type of cabling, but also the best company to install it.

At Gudenkauf Systems we invest in the best training, equipment and people to be sure that the cabling systems we install for our customers make the most of their technology investment.

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