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Gudenkauf Systems works with residential and commercial clients on intrusion detection by installing and monitoring surveillance cameras and access control software, and educating clients on how to use each system.

Alarm systems and camera monitoring services for home and office

alarm and monitoring service

Today’s alarm systems do more than keep you safe, they also keep you in control of your home or business no matter where you are. Gudenkauf Systems provides and installs the latest, state of the art alarm systems that not only keep you safe but keep you connected.

Using remote security services, you can check the status of your alarm system and arm or disarm it right from your mobile device or computer. By adding a compatible camera system, you can view your home or office, and with Z Wave functionality, you can control additional devices, such as power outlets and garage doors, remotely as well. Z-Wave is a wireless “smart” technology used in products such as locks and lights that enables you to operate them from wireless devices.

Access control software controls electronic doors and video monitors

access control

Access control software determines who can enter each door and at what time of day. Gudenkauf offers both traditional access control systems and IP Network-based access control systems. While traditional analog systems remain popular in existing facilities and for smaller applications, they are limited to four doors per control panel.

IP Network-based systems, on the other hand, offer more scalability and manageability by allowing a single gateway to manage hundreds or thousands of access control devices over the Network. This allows you to control many, many doors across multiple locations. When coupled with a Next Level security gateway you can incorporate a video management system and create events and actions derived from camera analytics.

Check your home or business anytime with IP surveillance camera systems

surveillance camera systems

While some manufacturers offer high-quality images on certain analog cameras, the enhanced capability of IP cameras, when factored with the improving cost, are making IP surveillance solutions tough to beat. Indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible to view your property remotely, from anywhere in the world by using an app or IP camera software.

Manage, view and store surveillance videos

Both analog DVR and NVR/VMS recording solutions for IP cameras offer increasingly robust analytic and recording options. When paired with a Next Level security gateway you can also integrate the access control system to create events and actions derived from camera analytics. Customers with existing access control systems can integrate them into the Next Level gateway using control panels.

Gudenkauf Systems can install your surveillance system and access control software to monitor your home, business or organization. Contact us for more information.


security and safety systems


security and safety systems

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