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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Video Monitoring Systems

Easily the most understood concept in Physical Security, Camera systems still continue to evolve at a fast pace with improvements to the visual clarity and recording capability. It is important to determine what you need to see , whether or not it needs to be recorded and if you will have someone watching the system or simply use recorded video as a reference for incident investigation.

CCTV systems continue to become more capable and robust and can serve many functions for your organization. Loss prevention and theft deterrance almost always come to mind, but performance evaluation and accident ivestigation are just two examples of how organizations are finding multiple uses for these systems. One aspect of the CCTV world has not changed , without a trained individual to ask the right questions and design a system using the right equipment for your application, you will be at serious risk of investing in an inadequate system and put your organization in harm’s way.

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CCTV Systems commonly use the following components:
  • Fixed & Remotely Controlled Analog Cameras
  • Fixed & Remotely Controlled IP Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Video Management System (VMS)
  • Monitoring Stations
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